Cork & Cap Bottle Shop & Tasting Room has a huge selection of wines and craft beers that constantly rotates, giving you something new to try every time you stop in. They also feature daily wine tasting and a stage for live music.

Co-Owner Nick Uroseva provided insight into the things that make Cork & Cap special:

What is Cork & Cap?

Cork & Cap is a bottle shop and a place where people can gather. People feel very comfortable coming in here, whether it’s with their family or by themselves if you want to stop in and have a quick glass of wine. It’s a great place to gather where everybody knows each other. So it’s really a close knit type of environment here and we really pride ourselves on that.

What makes Cork & Cap unique?

What we do is we’ll feature bottles of wine, four dry whites, eight dry reds, that rotate on a weekly basis. So you can come in once a week and you’re always going to be able to taste something new. You purchase a tasting card [to use with our automated wine tasting sytem] and select whether you want a taste, a half glass or a full glass. People want to taste before they buy and we have that here at Cork & Cap.

What are you excited about for Cork & Cap now that you’ve expanded the business?

Our focal point this next year is definitely going to be the stage. If you want to come in and have a nice relaxing evening, listening to some local live entertainment, it’s a very inexpensive place to go to have a glass of wine, have a glass of craft beer. [Our selection is] always rotating, always fresh. We really feature it at its best here at Cork & Cap.

Cork & Cap Bottle Shop & Tasting Room is located at 3225 Elm Road NE in Warren, Ohio.

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