Allison Greene, owner of Atomic Tangerine, mixes the old-fashion technique of crocheting with her own modern style. She learned the basics of crocheting at a young age from her grandmother, and as she grew so did her interest in exploring more designs and crocheting projects. She recognized that the potential was there and said “the sky’s the limit”. With all of the creative elements at her fingertips Atomic Tangerine was born.

In business since fall of 2020, Allison took her creative designs and brought her vision to life. Atomic Tangerine offers a variety of women’s clothing, clever candles, as well as making custom one-off pieces she hopes families can keep for a long time. She does her part in shopping locally, getting wool and cotton from local vendors and even ordering it from people who shear their own sheep. Her process is proactive in being as natural and “down to the person as possible.”

Her only regret to this point is that she didn’t start her own business sooner. She’s passionate about collaborating with other small businesses like Common Goods and the Youngstown Flea. The local support she has received from the community has introduced her to some of the kindest and most creative people she has ever met.

You can find Atomic Tangerine on Instagram, @atomictangerine__. She also has a link for custom orders here. Or you can browse her entire website just to check out her designs.