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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shop Local Mahoning Valley?

Shop Local Mahoning Valley is a weekly web series, produced by Pebble, that features locally owned retail stores and restaurants.

What is Pebble?

Pebble is an online media company, dedicated to promoting the positive side of the Mahoning Valley. We believe that by creating and distributing uplifting content about our community, we can fundamentally change the way people think about our area.

How does being featured work?

A Pebble crew member will come to your business and interview 1 owner, manager, marketing director, or sales director to get to the bottom of what makes your business tick. Then we will film the store and it's unique products and features. All of the footage will be edited to music and graphics and published on various Shop Local Mahoning Valley social media platforms.

What's the catch? Doesn't this cost money?

Pebble operates on a sponsorship and advertising revenue model.

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