1820 House makes hand poured candles using pure plant wax and essential oils, finished off with artisanal touches like letterpressed caps and reclaimed vessels. Visit their shop in East Palestine or their website at 1820house.com to bring home one of these incredible fragrances.

Melissa Smith, owner of 1820 House says the quality of her candles is what really sets them apart. “The craftsmanship that goes into making a candle, is the fact that our hands touch your product about 15 times. We put a lot of care into making sure that the product’s made with a high quality,” Smith says. “We just feel like having it a little bit more intimately produced makes a little bit of a higher end product.”

“Fragrance oils, essential oil blends… We put together compositions that are unique for fragrances,” asserts Smith, who uses her experience to craft fragrances that people may not be use to smelling. “I’ve been doing candles for 14 years, so I’ve smelled just about everything out there and it’s kind of fun to come up with my own fragrance combinations. I’ve been doing a lot of mixing and alchemy and like mad scientist stuff.”

1820 House is a way for Smith to make use of her artistic gifts. “I’m a really independent soul and I’m pretty creative and I really love music. I love interior design. I like art and so I kind of feel like this gives me the opportunity to let my wings stretch with that a little bit. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and own my own business. And then it also is rewarding to give back to your community. Being a part of something that you might have admired when you were growing up. So I think that’s the thing that’s important to me is being able to be successful enough so that I can give”

1820 House is located at 135 North Market Street in East Palestine, Ohio.