The Soap Gallery is a fine art gallery in Downtown Youngstown that aims to give a voice to local artists, and add an element of culture to the revitalization of Youngstown.

“Beyond buying any art, like monetary value, is your gain as the buyer. You just picked up a good story not just, I went out to Target and got this lovely dove piece and that’s all I know,” says co-owner of the Soap Gallery, Daniel Rauschenbach.

“The Soap Gallery is a fine art gallery. The first Friday of every month we have a new show, with new art on the walls from various artists from the area, locally, statewide and nationally. There wasn’t a place that existed as a gallery since the 90’s in Downtown Youngstown and we wanted to change that and give a space for that creative voice to be heard,” adds Stephen Poullas, the gallery’s other owner.

“We are telling the story of what’s going on around us,” adds Rauschenbach. “It reflects the community. And I think it’s our identity.”

The Soap Gallery is located at 117 S Champion Street in Youngstown, Ohio.