Cockeye BBQ is true American barbecue made in Warren, Ohio. Their meats are smoked on-site over hardwood for up to 14 hours every day and all of their sides are homemade using family recipes.

“Cockeye barbecue is a fast-casual barbecue restaurant. We have ribs, brisket, smoked turkey, and we have 20 or so different side dishes to go with them. Where I grew up in Paris township in Portage County, there was no such thing as low and slow barbecue. And I fell in love with the style and the cuisine and spent years and years and years and years learning about what it is. To me American barbecue is its own thing,” says owner and pitmaster, Erik Hoover.

“For whatever reason I learned how to build food and I never stopped”

“You’re taking tough pieces of meat. Spare ribs or you’re taken beef brisket and through the process of a low and slow cooking method you are rendering those items tender. At the end you put sauce on it or you don’t put sauce on it. That’s American barbecue,” adds Hoover. “I’m not much of a builder, I can’t swing a hammer, I can’t measure. I can’t cut boards, but for whatever reason I learned how to build food and I never stopped.”

Cockeye BBQ is located at 1805 Parkman Road Northwest in Warren, Ohio.