At Culturehouse Coffee Company respect is paid to every aspect of the coffee experience, from the farm to your latte.

We interviewed owner Stephen Protheroe about his love for coffee and the type of experience he wanted to create at his own coffee shop:

Coffee is more than just a drink. It is an experience. Maybe some people don’t know that it actually grows as a fruit. It looks like a cherry. Inside of that cherry is a seed. Typically we buy coffees from micro-lots which are smaller coffee farms. So there’s a lot of care into what they do.

Bringing it in green, appreciating what they’ve done and being able to roast it with certain profiles, not burning the coffee but bringing out the special, unique qualities that it may have. It’s not just about latte art or doing a fancy drink. It’s showing someone something special and laying that coffee down, it may have latte art on it, they might not be interested or even know about the full history of that coffee, but to be able to show them with their eyes that hey this is unique and special, maybe then that will open the door for that conversation as well.

So many times throughout the day we’re like we’ve got to go go go, it’s just our mentality. To be able to slow down for a minute and just enjoy something that might look different, look beautiful but also taste really nice and maybe just take a breather, take a load off and then go about your day.

Culturehouse Coffee Company is located just north of Youngstown State on Elm Street.

The northside of Youngstown is one of the most exciting new areas in Youngstown! While you’re checking out Culturehouse also stop into Cultivate Cafe right across the street for a delicious lunch.