Dough House Cookies specializes in blending traditional cookie flavors with new flavor combinations. You can try them at their location in the Canfield Library, order online or check them out at a variety of local farmers markets.

“We try to push the flavor boundaries for our local community, as well as giving them some of those traditional flavors that they’re used to,” says TaRee Avery, owner of Dough House Cookies.

“I think we just are killing the flavors.”

Although Avery has been baking since childhood, she didn’t initially think to do it professionally. “I’ve been baking for a really long time. Professional baking wasn’t even on my radar at all. I was working at a university, I was doing crisis management and I just was coming home really fried. To relieve stress, I was baking.”

“At the time I was living in a music oriented city (Nashville) and all of my friends were local musicians, indie musicians, and they had rehearsals and sessions and so I was bringing cookies,” explains Avery. “I kept getting the same feedback like, ‘we would pay for these, we would buy these,’ and I was like ‘OK sure.’ And so that’s how the ball got rolling and then it just grew from there.”

Avery explains that her unique approach to baking cookies is what really attracts customers. “I think we just are killing the flavors. I think part of what we want to do with our flavor development is allow things to linger. We want the cookie to stay with you whether that’s the texture, the flavor. We try to be really intentional with using local ingredients that are seasonal and really push some flavors that are complex and that linger and stay with you.”

Dough House Cookies is located inside the Canfield Library at 43 West Main Street in Canfield, Ohio. You can also visit to place small batch or catering orders.