For Gabriele Barnhizer, the owner of Bake Me Treats, this bakery started in her imagination back when she was in grade school with a strong sweet tooth. She had dreamed of opening a bakery in Poland, Ohio since she was a young girl and made that dream come true in 2015, when Bake Me Treats officially opened its doors and started selling the delightful treats Barhnizer had spent time perfecting.

According to Gabriele, food was a major part of the culture of her family while growing up, probably the biggest. Her love of sweets started at a young age, with her baking sweet treats with her mom after school. They spent their time together, making things for dinner and searching for a certain moment. Gabriele described this moment as “having something for the first time that’s so good and everyone kind of looks around at each other and is just like, “that’s so good.””

When asked about baking Gabriele said, “I started baking and I loved baking and I kind of just got it in my mind that I wanted to have my own bakery. So, I went straight for it. I went to culinary school right after high school for baking and then I jumped into a baking job right afterwards.” The jobs she had after culinary school included a French bakery in Pittsburgh, followed by a more Americanized bakery in Columbus.

Gabriele’s previous jobs helped to create the unique menu for Bake Me Treats. To summarize what Bake Me Treats offers Barnhizer said, “We specialize in french macarons, but we also offer an array of pastries, cakes, we do a lot of wedding cakes and birthday cakes.” At Bake Me Treats, you can walk in, see a wide array of macarons, and purchase the ones you want right at that moment which is a unique experience for this area.

Her love of baking essentially created Bake Me Treats, and in return it helped her find love and the person who now owns and operates the bakery alongside her, her husband Adam. They met through him coming into the bakery in its early days for coffee and the rest is history. He has a culinary background and shares the same love for food as Gabriele does. She also credits close family and friends for the support that was needed to open and operate Bake Me Treats.

In Gabriele’s words, “Every item is so good and we’re really looking for it to be so good, so we have been kind of downsizing our menu for that goal.” The decision to downsize their menu is to perfect the treats they will be offering. For customers who are just walking into the bakery, their Instagram provides daily posts of what treats are being offered that day. For specific orders, online ordering is the best option and it helps to ensure that the order can be filled in the correct way.

Going to Bake Me Treats helps to support a local business, but also a local who is truly passionate about what she does. Make sure to check out this unique bakery and check out all of the different pastries they have to offer.