Meet the Courthouse Inn and Restaurant! Owned by Renee Lewis, the Courthouse Inn and Restaurant provides an incredible dining experience through a wholly unique environment and world class food. The restaurant was in the making for 11 years as it was the result of restoring and renovating the oldest brick building in Ohio, which was scheduled to be demolished until Renee bought the property. The result of Renee’s tireless efforts is this dazzling oasis in the middle of Lisbon, Ohio.

Courthouse Inn Patio

Renee wanted to create an environment that no one had experienced before and we felt that as soon as we walked in the establishment. Every nook and cranny of the restaurant is brimming with character, but isn’t overwhelming.


It has a very comfortable atmosphere with a lot of personality but this place really comes to life when you take the time to appreciate all of the finer details. Renee’s interest in jewels is very evident (especially if you get the chance to see the women’s restroom).

Courthouse Inn Bathroom

And if that’s not enough for you, all of the painted walls have hand blown gold dust on them that sparkles constantly. Pictures can’t accurately capture the essence of this restaurant; it is a location you should experience first hand.

Now, the Courthouse Inn and Restaurant is a vegetarian establishment and that may scare some people off, but regardless of what your dietary habits are, you will definitely be able to find something that will change the way you think about plant-based foods. I mean, look at this Pad Thai

Vegetarian Pad Thai

and these Stuffed Shells

Vegetarian Stuffed Shells

and even this Vegetarian Meatloaf

Vegetarian Meatloaf

Not to mention hand-made gnocchi, pizza, and sauces. Actually, everything here is hand-made, prepared that day from fresh ingredients. There is no freezer or microwave on the premises and that is not something you can get from any other dining experience that we are aware of. Renee wants to provide the highest quality experience possible on all fronts at the Courthouse Inn and Restaurant and we think it’s working.

Renee is a firm believer that “Lisbon, Ohio is the epicenter of greatness” and the Courthouse Inn and Restaurant makes a fantastic argument for that. If you’d like to find out more, visit their website at

Article and photographs by Isaac Hraga