Meet N2 by Davill! Owned by Shaun Davill, this unique nitrogen ice cream shop makes fresh ice cream in front of your eyes using the speedy cooling powers of liquid nitrogen. Ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen produces a creamier, smoother, and fresher product than traditionally cooled ice cream. Not only that, but you get to watch the dazzling process of how they make the ice cream. As said best by Davill, “It’s not just ice cream, its science!”

nitrogen ice cream in process

So let’s talk about the process you’ll get to see when you come in. The first step is to choose a base (which includes a vegan option for those who are interested) and you choose your flavorings out of the 50+ flavorings N2 by Davill offers. Now these are some genuine flavorings; They are all imported from France and never include any high fructose corn syrup, only pure cane sugar. The flavors include favorites such as mint, roasted marshmallow, salted caramel, and all of the classic flavors.

ice cream flavorings

Next, you can add mix-ins like cookie dough, peanut butter, candy bars, or anything from an assortment of other delicious treats. Following that, they mix all the ingredients, take it to the liquid nitrogen machine and freeze the ice cream (expect a lot of smoke!)

Then they transfer the ice cream to a bowl (we recommend you get one of their delicious home-made waffle bowls) and add any additional toppings you want after its made. Finally, you get your delicious bowl of ice cream, the one pictured below is their popular boyscout dish.

SLMV_N2 by DaVill_Ice Cream

The thing with our food features is that there is no better way to experience the food and the environment than to come in and try it. If you’d like more information on N2 by Davill, you can find them on Facebook or stop in at 4150 Market Street, Youngstown, Ohio and experience the science of nitrogen ice cream.

Article and photographs by Isaac Hraga