Orange Avocado is a cold-pressed juicery in Boardman that features organic, vegan and gluten-free juices, smoothies and food.

“Cold pressing is just a way of juicing,” says owner Pepe Parish. “It is the best way of juicing if you ask me. I’m a little biased, but when you cold press you’re not getting the oxidation that you get from a lot of other methods of juicing, so it retains the nutrients for a lot longer.”

That approach allows the team at Orange Avocado to prepare their juice in advance and sell it fresh throughout the day. “That allows us to juice in the morning and bottle it up for the day. Some people come in and they see the juice already bottled and they think we’re not making it fresh and that’s absolutely not true.”

One of the things Parish takes most pride in is offering something in the community that was sorely needed. “I love being able to tell people that everything we offer is organic or gluten free or vegan. There are a few great options in the area now where just a few years back there weren’t any options. It’s nice to be a part of this movement of people being a little more conscious about what they’re eating and having access to that.”

“By far the best thing about doing this is being creative,” says Parish. He uses that creativity to deliver a product that is tailored to his customers. “We can really listen to our customers and take everything into consideration and try new things. We’re always coming up with new juices, or new smoothies or making new food options, so just having the creativity of coming up with different flavor combinations and using different healthy ingredients.”

Orange Avocado is located at 1393 Boardman-Canfield Road in Boardman, Ohio.