Sometimes, the best things come from keeping it simple. Sespe Burger, which is located on Market Street, creates delicious West Coast-style “smash” burgers by sticking to the basics. What started out as a food cart has now turned into a successful, casual burger restaurant as of 2019.

The restaurant was started by California native, Jeff Porter, and his wife Christina, who is originally from the Youngstown area. The two met while working on food trucks in California, where they developed a passion for the restaurant business. They came to the Mahoning Valley to start their family, and ultimately, open their own restaurant. They began by purchasing a used food cart on Facebook, and when the opportunity finally struck, the couple moved into their current location on Market Street.

“We just keep things simple here,” said Porter, when asked about what sets Sespe apart from other burger joints in the area. “It’s a simple, thin-patty burger, which is hard to find around here. A simple thin-patty burger, well-seasoned, with simple toppings- lettuce, tomato, Thousand Island, grilled onion. To me, when I order a burger, that’s kind of the way it goes.”

Keeping things simple, and as close to the West Coast-style as possible, makes Sespe Burger stand out in the Mahoning Valley. Thin-patty burgers are rare in the area, and Sespe scratches the itch for folks in search of a classic California smash burger. Even the restaurant’s name is inspired by Jeff Porter’s California roots, as Sespe is the area he grew up in.

“We’re real big on family, and people here,” said Porter on what he wants people to know most about Sespe. “We’re closed on Sunday for that reason. We want everyone to have a nice break. We don’t want our staff to be overworked here.”

Sespe Burger has built a reputation for having amazing, West Coast burgers by following one rule: keep it simple. This rule applies to both the business and the menu. The business hours are purposely kept simple and short, so that employees have enough time each week to spend at home, and prevent overworking. The menu is designed to be simple, so that nothing is overdone and customers know exactly what they’re getting when they order. Sespe Burger has found a way to stand out by keeping things balanced and simple. The next time you get a craving for a classic West Coast cheeseburger, head to Sespe Burger on Market Street for a California experience, right here in the Mahoning Valley.