Meet YoFresh! YoFresh makes eating healthy easy by delivering fully cooked, nutritionist-designed meals right to your door. Run by husband and wife Don and Caroline Ritenour, YoFresh strives to let residents of the Valley “Eat Good, Feel Good, Do Good.” These meals are the perfect solution for the busy foodie, the hard-working mom with not enough time, and the guy at the gym that wants to watch what he’s eating. Meal prepping has never been this easy or tasted this good while also serving your local community.

YoFresh serves fully prepared meals which means no chopping, no cooking, no cleaning, and no worries. Imagine not having to rush home or hit the drive through on your way back from work every day! All you have to do is go online to, select meals on their menu, and the food will be shipped right to your door. Easy, right? The ingredients are picked up Saturday Morning, cooked Saturday night, and delivered on Sunday. Using blast chilling technology, YoFresh meals will stay fresh all week, allowing you to enjoy fresh and healthy food at your convenience.

Eating with YoFresh is also a fantastic way to make sure you stay on that healthy diet. Crafted by chef Don Ritenour and Nutritionist Laura Zavadil, these meals taste delicious while still providing your nutritional needs. The meals’ nutrition facts are included on the container and are also scannable directly into the MyFitnessPal app if you’re watching those calories. All of the food offered is nutrient dense so you won’t be eating filler or a lot of carbs either! The meals are naturally gluten and soy free; most are grain free but some have quinoa and ingredients the chefs like to incorporate.

YoFresh is partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank, so when you order 10 meals, YoFresh is able donate 12 meals back to Second Harvest, which is incredible. Now you have an option to eat succulent food while shopping local AND contributing to the betterment of the Mahoning Valley!

As best said by chef Don, “We’re built to serve you as customers… there’s no chopping, no cleaning, and no shopping involved. We’re looking to help people save time, save effort, be able to spend more time with their families by using the service and again, eat healthy food on a daily basis; Eat Good, Do Good, Feel Good.”

Article by Isaac Hraga

Don Ritenour is also a chef at LiBs Market in Salem which you can learn more about here: LiBs Market.