Some people like spending their evenings and weekends at bars, restaurants, the movies, and sporting events. Others, though, enjoy the rush and critical thinking of attempting to solve horror-themed escape room puzzles. The Escape Boardman Hotel scratches that itch by offering an authentic, unique, and spooky form of entertainment in Boardman, Ohio. Founded in 2019, Escape Boardman Hotel is built on a shared love for Halloween parties, says co-owner Don Heppler.

“We were huge on Halloween parties,” said Heppler. “The opportunity arose where this just matched perfectly with what we love doing. So, when that came about, we decided to take a chance, and here we are today.”

Heppler and his team have constructed two horror-themed rooms for guests to enjoy. The first, titled, “The Red Door,” is based on the Annabelle doll from the Conjuring movie franchise. The second available room is titled, “The Smith’s Insane Asylum,” and is just as the name suggests: an insane asylum in which you must rescue a patient. While the rooms are designed to give guests a scare, their uniqueness and authenticity are what truly set them apart.

“When you step into this environment, you know from the very beginning that you’re walking into something that is very unique,” said Heppler. “From the lobby that you’re walking into, to the restrooms, and to the rooms, we really put our heart and soul into making something look very unique and very realistic.”

Though Heppler certainly wants his guests to be spooked when they walk through the door, he hopes his guests experience much more than that. He, above all else, wants his guests to have a great experience with friends and family, and be glad that they tried it. 

“We want them to experience a great time, first and foremost,” said Heppler. “You’re going to walk into here saying, ‘This is creepy. This is cool.’ We want you to walk it all the way through until the time you walk out saying, ‘That was a blast, and I’m glad I did it!’”

Escape Boardman Hotel has quite a bit to offer visitors who want to solve puzzles and get a jolt of horror-inspired adrenaline, but Heppler wants the community to know that the experience is unlike any other entertainment option in the area. 

“When you walk in, your experience is going to be like no other,” said Heppler. “You are going to walk into this environment, you’re going to know that you’re in a very unique place, you’re going to have a great time with friends and family, and you’re going to want to come back.”

Escape Boardman Hotel offers a completely unique entertainment experience for folks in the area. Every room within the building is intricately designed, taking inspiration from several horror-themed sources and applying it with great detail. Don Heppler and his team have developed an authentic  and unique atmosphere within their rooms, and they are only continuing to grow, with more rooms and virtual reality experiences slated to be added in the near future. So, the next time you want to ditch the bar or the movies in favor of something new, visit Escape Boardman Hotel for a spooky experience unlike any other.