Although we’re excited that it finally feels like Summer is here, this weekend is going to be HOT! If you’re looking for ways to get out of the sun, here are 3 local options.

1. Treat Yourself to an All-New Ice Cream Experience

N2 by DaVill uses liquid nitrogen to flash freeze their ice cream right in front of your eyes. The result? Perfectly smooth and creamy ice cream that is completely customized for you and your favorite flavors! They have two locations, in Boardman at 4150 Market Sreet and in Lisbon at 130 South Market Street.

2. Grab a Cold One From a Local Craft Brewery

Over the last few years the Mahoning Valley has seen a boom in craft breweries opening up all across the community. Two of our faves are Birdfish Brewing Company and Biker Brewhouse. Each offers a completely unique experience so if you’re feeling really adventurous why not try both? As long as you’re drinking responsibly (and locally) visiting a local craft brewery is a great way to cool down.

Biker Brewhouse is located right off the turnpike inside of Harley-Davidson BikeTown on 5700 Patriot Boulevard.

Birdfish has two locations, both in Columbiana, the UP TOP located at 16 South Main Street and the DOWN LOW located at 140 East Park Avenue.

3. Catch Up On Your Summer Blockbusters

Salem Twin Cinema is a locally-owned independent theater that features crowd-pleasing films and an incredible movie-going experience. With Lion King and Spider-Man: Far from Home playing this weekend there’s something for anyone to enjoy. Make sure you get there early to snag one of their vibrating “4D Experience” seats! Salem Twin Cinema is located at 2350 East State Street. You can see showtimes at

4. Coaches Burger Bar (Honorable Mention)

Coaches has some of the most decadent and extravagant milkshakes you’ll ever see! They also have a ton of locations throughout the Valley so check out their website to see what seasonal shakes they’re serving up this weekend and find the location closest to you!