Introducing, “A Haunting: Witching Hour.” Developed by Enyx Studios, a Portfolio Company of the YBI that specialized in virtual reality gaming, “A Haunting: Witching Hour” is a horror and survival experience that explores the dark corners of human nature. It was developed in Austintown, Ohio and was released on October 31st on Steam Early Access. Don’t have a virtual reality headset? Don’t worry, the game can be played with a controller on your TV.

Enyx Studios is led by CEO Don Hileman, who told the Vindicator, “I told my wife ‘This VR is going to be huge.’ Everywhere you looked online they were talking about it. I missed my chance when the iPhone came out; the developers who got in early there did really, really well, and I saw this as the App Store all over again.”

Check out the trailer for “A Haunting: Witching Hour” below: