Meet Noble Creature Cask House! Co-owned by Ira and Marcy Gerhart, this small batch craft brewery focuses on barrel aged sours, lagers and ales and operates out of a 1920’s church in Youngstown. You’ll love their unique brews and eccentric location right outside YSU’s campus.

Ira was introduced to craft beer through his dad, and into home-brewing from one of his professors at YSU. Since then Ira has had a passion for his brewing that you can taste in the beers he offers. Noble Creature brews small batches of their beers consisting of 7 to 8 barrels. This gives them a lot of flexibility with their recipes and allows for constant tweaking and modification to get the mix just right. They work a lot with barrel-aged sours and mixed culture fermentation which results in some very interesting and tasty flavors. They also offer a variety of hand-crafted foods including sandwiches, cheese plates, homemade pickles, and incredible chili. Noble Creature works with local businesses and farmers to provide the best ingredients for both their brewing and food options. They also offer beers to-go if you’re in a hurry!

Located just off of YSU’s campus, Noble Creature makes great use of the old brick church they inhabit. The old pews were re-purposed as booths for the side tables and the stained glass remains in place and looks great. They have a lot of art on the walls, including a mural by David Slebodnick, that creates a very distinct and cool atmosphere. The bar staff is extremely knowledgeable and more than happy to help you find a great new beer to try.

We love Noble Creature’s heart for this community that shows through their collaboration with local artists and breweries around the area. If you’d like more information, or to try some experimental Youngstown beers, visit Noble Creature’s website.