Birdfish Brewing Company is a craft brewery with a tasting room in Downtown Columbiana. Their brews are made in-house by four partners that love drinking, and making, delicious beer. Check them out at their tasting room or one of many local bars that have their beers on tap.

“Me and my business partners really enjoy drinking beer, so we brewed together for seven years or so,” said Greg Snyder, one of the partners at Birdfish Brewing Company. “Too many people were trying our brews and really enjoyed what they were having and pushed us to look at the next level of commercializing it. So that’s what motivates us as well, just to generate good beer for our consumers.”

Greg and his partners take a lot of pride in the fact that they’re delivering a fresh, locally made product. “It’s a fresh product rather than something that might have been in a bottle or can for months,” answered Snyder when asked about the difference between their craft beers and products available at the grocery store.

“Me and my business partners really enjoy drinking beer”

“There are so many different styles of beers out there, that’s kind of where we challenge ourselves,” Snyder said. “There’s probably not too many styles of beers that we haven’t brewed.”

Ultimately, Snyder said his greatest satisfaction comes from how much people like the beer, “when you’re out somewhere and you’re sitting next to somebody that doesn’t know who you are, and they’re just talking about how great the beers are down at Birdfish Brewing Company, that’s probably the most satisfying part of running a business and owning a brewery.”

Birdfish Brewing Company is located at 16 S Main Street in Columbiana.

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