Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts

michael scott

Tries really hard to be cool; has a little too much fun

Whistle and Keg

jim halpert

Cool and laid-back

 V2 Wine Bar & Trattoria

pam halpert

Wants to be taken more seriously as a professional

Rhine Haus Bier Hall

dwight schrute

Vaguely Eastern European; keeps bringing weapons into work

The Federal

andy bernard

Energetic and rambunctious

O’Donold’s Irish Pub

kelly kapoor

Super intense and ready to dance

Imbibe Martini Bar 

meredith palmer

Imbibe (verb): drink (alcohol)

Ryes Whiskey Bar

ryan howard

Strives to be high-brow 

Draught House

andy bernard

Very eccentric; has been around awhile