Put your payroll in good hands! Local businesses can take advantage of “luxury payroll services” at White Glove Payroll. A dedicated concierge learns your business inside and out, so we can answer questions, offer advice and provide white glove service.

According to Tim Petrey, Founder of White Glove Payroll, it’s all about helping small businesses.

“We really started to see a big need for a payroll company here in town that was really giving a little bit more attention to our clients and the businesses that we’re so entrenched in already,” says Petrey. “We love to take care of our clients. We love to go above and beyond and relieve a big stress from their day-to-day operations.”

The Head Payroll Concierge at White Glove, Alex Bohr, provides insight into what being a payroll concierge really means.

A payroll concierge is a person who helps you process your payroll and give you that expertise. Payroll tends to be a little complicated and can be kind of overwhelming for business owners who are trying to focus on what they do best. We allow you to spend more of your time focusing on improving your business, growing your business, and not worrying about whether your payroll is going to be able to scale with that. It’s really nice having that peace of mind so they can focus on their business and not worry about payroll,” Bohr explains.

“The number one most important thing across any business is your people. You’ve got to treat your people right. You’ve got to pay your people on time. You’ve got to make sure that there are no mistakes. You’ve got to make sure that that happens like clockwork that there’s there’s not errors, and if there are you better know who you can call to fix it now… to fix it yesterday,” Petrey continues. “But above all else your people are number one and if you don’t treat them that way and if you don’t have the resources to make sure that they’re taking care of that way every day and every week then you’re behind the curve.”

“I want to be a part of that change that’s going to be for the better of Youngstown”

For Petrey and Bohr, it ultimately comes down to helping local businesses succeed. That’s what drives them.

“I like having an impact on the community. Every time I see a small business that starts up, if I can help them in any way possible then I will, and White Glove just happens to give me an ability to help these businesses grow,” Bohr asserts. “Tim likes to call it the renaissance of Youngstown. I want to be a part of that change that’s going to be for the better of Youngstown. That’s my biggest passion for this is that I like to just be a part of the change.”

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