Berry’s is a natural food market in Austintown that fills a need in the community for natural and organic foods.

We often hear complaints about the Valley centered around the lack of healthy and organic food options. If you’re waiting for a Whole Foods or Trader Joes to open in the community, this may be the store for you.

“One of the reasons we opened up this business… we saw that there was a need for it. We heard about a bunch of people going up to Cleveland or Pittsburgh, shopping at Whole Foods, and we realized that there weren’t a lot of options like that around here and we wanted to start it and we wanted to help this community grow in that aspect and kind of teach people all about natural foods,” says co-owner Rob Berry.

“The way you eat can affect the integrity of how you feel day-to-day”

Ultimately, Berry’s exists to try and help members of this community eat and feel better. “We realize and we understand that the way you eat can affect the integrity of how you feel day-to-day,” says Berry.  “We just wanted to be able to provide that to everybody in Youngstown.”

“Something that we’re really proud about, is when somebody comes into the store and they don’t know what they’re looking for. They’ve got this haze over their face and they’re a little overwhelmed by the products because they don’t understand it, but they came in for one specific thing and when we can help them out, we can educate them on that product, and they leave happy and their life is just a little bit different than it was when they walked in, that’s when we’re the most proud.”

Berry’s Natural Food Market is located at 4405 Mahoning Avenue in Austintown.