Less is more, and at bodygoodies in Liberty, Ohio, this phrase rings true. Beginning 12 years ago in owner Heidi Goldberg’s home, bodygoodies applies a natural and simple approach to making soaps and various skin care products. Through the process of utilizing natural ingredients in their products, Heidi and the bodygoodies team offer a holistic skin care experience that is much healthier than traditional soaps. 

“It’s all the best ingredients I can get my hands on,” said Goldberg, on the philosophy behind her soaps. “I never stop trying to make a better bar. I challenge myself to make better bars all the time. I never want to think that I’m done and made the best, I always want to keep getting better.”

With humble beginnings born out of Heidi’s use of all natural soaps and products, bodygoodies rapidly became an organic product shipping across the country, and being sold in stores like Whole Foods. According to Maddie Graham, the Marketing Manager and daughter of owner Heidi, bodygoodies was never meant to be a business as large as it is.

“It was actually never really meant to be a business,” said Graham. “Heidi, my mom, just started making things on her own personal journey of finding natural products and things like that. Everyone sort of loved it, and it just took off and became its own thing.” 

The rapid growth led bodygoodies to find their own space in order to continue selling their products, which brought them from their home, to a garage, and now, their storefront in Liberty. 

There are few businesses offering the products that bodygoodies offers, but what really sets them apart is Heidi’s knowledge and experience with her skin care items. 

“It’s totally Heidi and her brain,” said Graham. “Everything that she creates is whimsical, or unique, or different, and people really love that.”

Heidi and Maddie’s passion for their products is seen every day in the work they do, but more importantly, their care for their customers and community is the key ingredient to their success. They care for their customers’ skin care, and enjoy educating others on ways to improve their skin care. Much like their products, sticking to the basics makes bodygoodies an essential hub to help improve your skin care routine. Whether you’re looking for organic soaps, information on how to make your skin care better, or just a relaxing space to shop, visit Heidi, Maddie, and the bodygoodies team in Liberty!