The Burlap Shack is a home decor store in Warren, featuring handmade and vintage goods for your home, weddings, events and gifts. The store is certainly a melting pot of a variety of items, from their hand-wrapped fabric roses to a giant snowman that greets you when you walk in the store. Jeannie Schmucker, one of the owners of the store, says it’s a labor of love. “We fill the store with stuff we love, and it just makes a collection, and it just becomes this big treasure trove of things that you love, and then before you know you’re surrounded by things like we fill the store with things that we absolutely love.”

“We fill the store with stuff we love”

Everything you’ll find at “the Shack” is either handmade by Schmucker or fellow owner Jessie Fincham, or has been hand selected to offer customers truly one-of-a-kind pieces. “The Burlap Shack is more than a store, it is a home decor, handmade, place where you can come to find custom designs, really cool pieces that are mostly one of a kind and handmade, for a not so one-of-a-kind handmade price,” says Fincham.

Both Schmucker and Fincham agree that, ultimately, it is the people that make their store special. “We like to create a nice home, friendly environment for people,” says Fincham. “They come here, they bring us their ideas and we can help them create something that they love that isn’t going to be found anywhere else.”

“I love people and I just have an interest in people,” adds Schmucker. “I have a heart for people and it’s not always easy but it’s what I love. So when you’re doing what you love it doesn’t really matter you just keep forging forward. And I think the Burlap Shack’s gonna keep forging forward because we just love what we do.”

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