Hard to describe, but easy to love, Common Goods Studio is a one-stop shop for locally made and sourced products from the Mahoning Valley. Described by owner, Sheri Bodo, as a, “small business megahouse,” Common Goods is located on the west side of Youngstown, and sells everything from handcrafted products to vegan foods and beverages. Bodo began the company with the goal of growing the community, and giving local small businesses a place to grow as well.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started, Bodo began looking for an opportunity to create something meaningful, not only to herself, but to the Youngstown community, and give local vendors a place to showcase their talents and sell their products. What started as a chance to help small businesses in the community she loves has turned into a massive success, which is due in large part to the diverse, welcoming space her and her team have created.

“I think it’s really the inclusivity we have here,” said Bodo, when asked about what makes Common Goods special. “We say that nice people are our type of people, and that really goes true with what we’re doing here. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what your interests are, we want you to come here, feel welcome, have a cup of coffee, hang out with your friends, and just have a good time.”

With the success that Common Goods has seen since its inception, Bodo has much to be proud of. What makes Bodo most proud is her team, and the businesses that they are able to support, as they have all had a hand in making Common Goods as successful as it has been.

The staff, made up entirely of young women, makes Common Goods stand out amongst other area businesses. Bodo hopes that other women in the area can look to Common Goods as an inspiration to start businesses of their own.

“I think we have built this success off of being women – and young women – and really diversifying ourselves in that way,” said Bodo on what she wants the community to know most about Common Goods. “So, I guess I just want to tell the community that there are other women out there that want to do the same thing, and if you really do, go after it. We have such a great community in Youngstown to be able to support you, so just take the leap like we did. You will see it pay off in the future.”

Common Goods is an inclusive space, where everyone is welcome to feel at home, comfortable, and enjoy themselves. The next time you are looking for locally made coffee, clothes, pots, gardening tools, or anything in between, head to Canfield Road on Youngstown’s west side and enjoy an experience designed to make you feel welcomed, and right at home.