When asked what Shutter Skate Shop is, the owner, Robby Yankush described it as,  “a full service skate shop for skateboards and people who love the skating community.” This is a unique store to Youngstown, as there are very few skate shops in the area. That was one of the main appeals of creating this shop according to Yankush.  “I kind of felt bad that Youngstown didn’t have a skate shop, didn’t have a place to go to look at decks, trucks, baring wheels, put a grip tape on, and choose some t-shirts.” This led to the creation of Shutter Skate Shop.

Yankush has had a love for skateboarding since he was a kid and saw that it was in a “renaissance” that he had to be a part of. He and four other people with a passion for skating decided that a skate shop was needed and they would be the ones to open it. They say that good things take time, shown by Shutter Skate Shop taking over a year to open due to having to get the brands they wanted in the store and also opening during a pandemic. The inventory slowly began to come in and then, starting in July 2021, they became open to the public to meet skating needs. 

Shutter Skate Shop gives the opportunity for long-time skaters to come in and grab what they need, while also having the means to give a starter what they need to begin skating. As well as attracting skaters, the goal is to attract people who like to shoot skating. Yankush discussed that skating photography and videography are a huge part of the culture and something that is coming back in a major way. “A kid came in last weekend, bought a new deck and three disposable cameras,” Yankush said. Having the combination of art and skating in one building is a huge advantage because those two things go hand in hand. YM Camera and Shutter Skate Shop are two places that could not go better together, based on what Yankush had to say about the combination of the two cultures. 

Shutter Skate Shop is a unique local business, owned and operated by Yankush who really is passionate about what he does. Whether you are a pro skater or just getting started, make sure to check out Shutter Skate Shop, located above YM Camera in Boardman, Ohio.