Lake Milton Pharmacy has been independently owned and operated since 1978, and is located in Lake Milton, Ohio. New owners, Alexis and Conor Chrystal, purchased the business towards the end of 2019. At Lake Milton Pharmacy, customers can expect, “Personalization and personalized care, since all the pharmacists and technicians know your name and exactly what you need”, in the words of Conor when asked what makes the pharmacy special. 

The owner and pharmacist, Alexis Chrystal, has always had a passion for medicine and medical care. “I have always been intrigued by medicine, but I didn’t want to be a doctor and do that much schooling, so pharmacy was the perfect medium”, Alexis responded when asked why she became a pharmacist. When the opportunity for her to purchase Lake Milton Pharmacy came about after she graduated, she decided, “it would be a good risk to take.” 

The town of Lake Milton has limited access to medical resources, so Lake Milton Pharmacy is a one stop shop for any medical inquiries that the community may have. They pride themselves on being the people to call if you have any medical questions, as Conor mentioned, “we want to be an extension of your doctor.” Not only is this the place to stop for medical necessities, but there is also a small section for hardware supplies, which makes it a convenient stop for anyone in the area. 

“We want to see a smile on your face”, Conor said in response to what customers could expect to experience when they walk into Lake Milton Pharmacy. “We know a lot of the customers, so when they walk in the door we can greet them by name. We want them to feel comfortable here… whatever they want, we can do for them.” No matter who comes to the pharmacy, they will be treated with care and will leave with their needs taken care of. 

Alexis has been the owner at Lake Milton Pharmacy for the past year and a half. When asked what she has enjoyed most about being the owner, she stated, “The relationship with the customers. I’ll have people come in on the days when they know I’m here, just to say hi, and to me, that means a lot.” It is important for the community to know that the staff at the pharmacy are there for the customers and any medical needs they may have.