Grey Boutique is here to show you that life and fashion don’t have to be be black and white.

“Living in the grey is being unique, be yourself,” says owner Amy Abruzere. “You don’t have to fit into a box of black or white. If you’re grey you’re different, you’re individual, you’re unique and everyone is different, so I’m not going to try to fit everyone the exact same.”

“Growing up my mom said I was the only one that would demand to wear a dress when we went out and played. We’d be digging in the dirt and I would have a dress on. So I’ve loved fashion from a very early age and I’ve always known that I wanted to open a boutique. Right after college I got into big box retail, so I have close to 20 years experience, more on the corporate side of things. A couple of years ago, sitting down with my husband and thinking about time management with his job and my career. I went back to what I really always wanted to do and Grey became reality.”

“I wanted a place where you went to just relax and have a great time. I always tell customers it doesn’t cost money to try anything. I want you to come here for the experience, I know that sounds cliche, but I really feel like when you walk in here from the smell, to the visual displays, the girls that I have working here, we really go out of our way to make everyone feel special and everyone feel different. We have truly something for everybody.”

“I’m able to find great, unique fashion that you can’t find everywhere but above and beyond that, I think, I know and I hope that you will have a great experience when when you walk in the door and hopefully you’ll want to return.”

Grey Boutique is located at 1393 Boadman-Canfield Road in Boardman, Ohio.