Spruce is a home decor and children’s clothing boutique in Niles that takes pride in offering unique items and a personalized experience to the community. Every handpicked piece that can be found in the store, was selected to give customers a hometown shopping experience that’s unlike anything they can find elsewhere.

“We live in an area that’s kind of dominated by the big box stores, and large retail chains, and we really wanted to create that small town feel with a small store that had unique items in it, that people can come in and not necessarily buy when they go to the large stores,” said owner, Nick Giancola. “So it was about creating an experience, also creating a destination for people to go to. And with that came the beautiful things people can have in their homes or give as gifts.

“We carry the most unique clothing for children. I know all the rage right now is ordering online. But we have it here at the store and they can come in make a one stop shop, get coordinating outfits for their children, pick up a little home decor and gifts. Everybody’s happy,” suggested Erica Lewis, the store’s other owner.

“We make everybody feel like family when they’re here”

“We really love to be able to give people personal attention. So we have a lot of customers that come in with pictures of their own home and we’re able to you know kind of talk them through the process of what to put on their mantel or what they may need for their home,” added Giancola. “So it’s that one-on-one customer service that we really pride ourselves on here and the relationship that we’re building with the individuals.”

“We remember everybody. We can even tell you what they got last time they were in we make everybody feel like family when they’re here,” concluded Lewis.

Spruce Home Decor is located at 600 Robbins Avenue in Niles, Ohio.