Relaced is a local shop in Liberty that specializes in shoe restoration, vintage clothing, and reselling sneakers. Relaced also offers restoration for hats, leather items, and purses to make them look brand new. “Our motto is refresh, relove, repeat. We want you to relove what you once bought and once you’re ready to get rid of it, you can refresh with us,” Maeson Green, the owner of Relaced, explained. Not only is the shoe restoration helping the customers, but it is also sustainable to reuse the shoes you may have otherwise thrown out, if not restored. 

Maeson has always had a love for sneakers, even before he started his shoe restoration business. “Being at the lunch table with my buddies, talking about the new J’s that were coming out” Maeson responded when asked where his love for sneakers derived from. “Also, my brother was a big sneaker head so he was always wearing the fresh sneakers, and I wanted to be like him. That’s the fashion thing I really fell in love with, the whole element of basing your outfit off of sneakers.” Maeson’s passion for sneakers is what was the drive behind opening Relaced. 

Before Relaced opened, Maeson ran MBG Restoring LLC, specializing in shoe restoration, that began spring of 2015. “It started in eighth grade, Austintown Middle School, doing sneakers for my buddies on the football team, and that’s how I started my whole sneaker restoration business” Maeson commented about the early events that occurred leading up to Relaced. In 2017, he used the profits he made to begin purchasing top of the line sneakers to resell. As the need for restoration and shoe reselling grew, that is when Maeson decided to lease building space to make his project into a store. The showroom in the front offers some of the most sought after sneakers along with Jordan’s and Yeezy’s, and the restorations are done in the back of the store. 

“The exclusivity of what we offer on the retail side is what is so unique, ” Maeson commented when asked about what makes Relaced special. “We are driving to Cleveland, Pittsburg and all 50 states, really flying, to get these sneakers home.” Relaced offers exclusive sneakers right in the Valley, so there is no longer a need to drive far for these sneakers. 

Relaced stands out from other local sneaker shops in the area. Said best by Maeson, “We’re the only sneaker store that is offering restorations and that is the core of our business, we serve with our restorations and then we are sales people after that.” Shoe restoration is essential for extending the life of your sneakers; also, Relaced is a one-stop shop to revive your sneakers and possibly find new ones. Maeson wants the community to know, “I like to say we are Youngstown’s hidden secret, once you step through these doors, you become a customer for life.”