Trailside Bicycle Company is a bike shop in Boardman dedicated to helping the community lead a physically fit lifestyle through cycling. They have something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned veterans, and are available to help you pick the right equipment, at the right price, to help you reach your goals.

“Most of us have been riding bikes since we were kids,” co-owner Tim Knight says explaining why cycling is such a popular form of physical activity for most people. “It’s a great exercise for people that have joint pains, back pains, whatever it may be. Get the right bike. Get outside and ride. We have Mill Creek Park, which is a great place to ride. We have the hike and bike trail. Something that’s easy on your body? Perfect. Something to go outside and do? Even better.”

Tim’s business partner, Curtis Masters, says his fitness journey informs the type of service Trailside Bicycle would like to offer to the community.

“If I can do it, anybody can”

“We try to prove to people every day that, especially if I can do it, anybody can,” says Masters. “I was really heavy at one point back in 2014 (over 300 pounds) and I went out looking for a bike. Unfortunately they didn’t take me too seriously. I went into another local shop and Tim, my [future] partner, worked there and that day I ended up buying a bike off of him and I started riding. “About a year later I walked into Tim’s shop and he didn’t know who I was because I lost 130 pounds.”

Those personal connections are what drive the business.

“We just don’t want to sell a bike and call it a day. We want to help them get the right bike, follow up with them, basically make friendships out of it,” says Knight.

“We don’t really look at things the same as most business people do,” Masters explains. “We look at getting you into the lifestyle. We believe that if you lead a healthy, physically fit life you can lead a happy life. And there’s ways to do it where you’re not going to kill yourself.”

According to these two local business owners, cycling is the way to do it.

Trailside Bicycle Company is located at 685 Boardman-Canfield Road in Boardman, Ohio.

Just down the road from Trailside Bicycle you’ll find another great local sporting goods store, Second Sole.