Branch Street Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster in Boardman that believes in serving up the purest coffee possible and improving their craft each day.

“Coffee is a lot like wine where great things can come out of special lots of the product if you treat it the right way,” says owner Matt Campbell who takes pride in choosing the finest specialty coffee to roast.

“In the coffee industry  there is a very small percentage of coffee that is set aside that’s much greater, higher quality than any other coffee that’s harvested. We look for the top 5 percent of that specialty grade to roast and really develop beautiful flavors that are reminiscent of the origin.”‘

For Campbell, providing the purest experience possible is essential. Every touch point from the farm to the cup has the potential to degrade the quality in some way. “Coffee on the farm is the best that it’s ever going to be. Every step along the way is something that can only take away from that perfect coffee. We want the coffee to stand on its own and the grade of coffees we’re bringing in do stand on their own.”

The secret to Branch Street’s success boils down to their philosophy of self-improvement. “The Japanese have a word for it, it’s called kaizen,” Campbell says. “It means constant improvement. It’s always being better than you were the day before, and that’s something that really motivates us. That’s something that really drives us. We send our coffees out to be graded and they’re blindly tasted and we get a report on that coffee, and if it’s not where we want to be then we dial it in even closer. We’re always changing and we’re always changing for the better. We’re always trying to innovate things are always pushing the envelope. We’re constantly trying to find better products and we’re constantly trying to find better ways to use that product and bring it to the market. And it’s always going to be new. It’s always going to be fun. It’s always going to be entertaining, or it’s just boring.”

Branch Street is located at 1393 Boardman-Canfield Road in Boardman, Ohio.

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