Catullo Prime Meats is a family-owned butcher shop that has served the Valley for three generations. However, it’s their combination of old-world quality and new-world technology that makes their meat a staple in kitchens throughout the area, and even the country.

“What makes us different at Catullo Prime Meats is that we’re picky just like our customers. Before we bring something into the store, we’re going to vet it out. We’re going to make sure the farmers are good, so that we can be able to have something that we’re proud of for people to come and buy.”

“I think it’s important to build relationships with our customers because we come from an area where there are so many heritage. You name it, there’s a different culture of food that’s around here. And when they come into our store we want to talk to them about how they’re using the piece of meat.”

“My favorite thing about owning the store is making somebody’s meal perfect, and being able to hear that. I’ve waited on some of our customers grandparents, their parents, and to talk to them about their family history, and about their family traditions for Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter. It really just tells me the story of their life, and I get to be able to be a part of it by how we provide them with what we consider to be the highest quality meat.

“We’re not going to stop growing. We’re not going to stop changing. We saw that success in shipping, we’re going to see that success in online ordering of our catering menu and we’re not going to stop getting better. You should demand a lot out of us and we demand a lot of ourselves.”

Catullo Prime Meats is located at 7127 Tiffany Boulevard in Youngstown, Ohio.

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