Beautiful Whirl’d wants to change the world by creating meals made with fresh, all-natural ingredients that will help people live a healthier life.

“I just see a really big problem going on in the world, and rather than contribute to that, we really wanted to do something different,” says co-owner Mary Elston. “Something that is not only needed in this community, but just really needed everywhere. For me, health starts in your mind and in your body, and we are what we eat. So everything [at Beautiful Whirl’d] is just very natural, and healthy, and wholesome for you.”

“All I’ve ever done, really, was work in the food industry,” Elston continues, “and I love the fact that people can gather together. It’s something that everybody shares, so we really come with the belief that we can change the world and that’s kind of what we’re setting out to do.”

“We knew that there was kind of a whole revitalization thing going on downtown, and we wanted to be part of that,” says co-owner Mary McNulty. “From the beginning we wanted to do something different, something that you couldn’t go out and find on every street corner. Something that would be unique to downtown [Warren]. I feel like when people come in here they feel special. The way we interact with our customers, we want them to feel like they’re at home. We know that we are not just something that stands alone by ourselves. If we don’t support our community, our community doesn’t support us.”

“I just want them [customers] to know that they’re welcome here,” adds Elston, “and that we want them to come and that we care about them.”

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