Nova Coffee Co is a coffee shop in Downtown Warren, serving specialty coffees, sandwiches, and gourmet donuts. They believe that their shop is only as good as the people that come through the door, which is why they’re focused on building a place the community can call home.

“We saw an opportunity for life happening in Downtown Warren,” says Logan Reinard, owner of Nova Coffee Co. “We wanted to create a staple for Downtown Warren. Where is that one place you go to if you’re visiting from out of town? Or your friend’s visiting from out of town? Just a place to be excited about and to meet people.”

“We saw an opportunity for life happening in Downtown Warren”

Reinard’s vision for Nova starts with the name, which has Latin roots, and signals a beginning for Downtown Warren.

“We named it Nova because Nova in Latin comes from the word ‘novus,’ which means beginning or new. So we wanted it to be the beginning of new things happening in Downtown Warren. Not only the beginning of every new day starts at Nova with some coffee and some good donuts. But we also wanted to be the beginning of new relationships, the beginning of new business ideas, the beginning of new things created in Downtown Warren,” says Reinard.

“So when we created this we just wanted to create a business that was a gathering place for individuals,” Reinard explains. “The most important thing that we have in a coffee shop isn’t the coffee or the donuts, but it’s the community.”

Although they’ve got grand plans for their coffee shop and the Warren community, they ultimately just want to deliver a good product to their customers.

“What’s really cool about Nova Coffee Company is that we are always trying to be innovative. What can we create that’s different this week than it was last week? But I think more than anything it’s just that we just want to be a good place to hang out. And like I said before get a really good cup of coffee and just an exceptional donut.”

Nova Coffee Co is located at 112 North Park Avenue in Downtown Warren, Ohio.

*This video was originally posted on July 10th, 2017 and was reposted in honor of Nova Coffee’s first birthday celebration.

Nova Coffee Co frequently works with these other great local coffee shops: Branch Street Coffee Roasters and LiBs Market.