OH Donut Company, located in Boardman, specializes in gourmet cake donuts finished with decadent toppings sure to appeal to any sweet tooth.

Co-owner Morgen Reamer shared with us the motivation behind starting her business, and her thoughts on selling sweets in a health conscious world.

What is OH Donut Company?

OH Donut Company is a gourmet donut shop. We’re not a fan of plain donuts, so the plainest we get is powdered sugar. But from there we have all kinds of different flavors. We’re just piling things on top of donuts, so cookies and cream, Nutella, peanut butter cups, we always have a cereal [donut] because you know you can’t have breakfast without some cereal. So we serve just a cake donut and it’s not your traditional donut shop. We are all about the gourmet cake donuts.

We live in a very health conscious world and OH Donut Company seems to rebel against that. Is it important for you to offer alternative choices to people?

For us it’s all about balance. It is a little overwhelming sometimes, just anywhere you go you’re always pressured to eat the healthiest thing. But it’s balance, you can eat a salad for lunch, you can eat a salad for dinner, but treat yourself with a donut in the morning and that’s OK because it’s all about balance.

What kind of experience are you trying to create for customers?

It’s just a different experience when you walk in, especially pairing with Spruce Home Decor and Gifts. So I like to say it’s like eating breakfast in one of the most beautifully decorated houses you’ve ever been in. You just really feel like you’re getting a treat. It’s not your drive-through donut, you can take a box home or sit down, enjoy it and relax a little bit before you start your day.

OH Donut Company shares their space with Spruce Home Decor and Gifts, which you can learn more about here: Spruce Wants to Bring Accessibility and Style to Your Home Decor