With their new store in Boardman, Spruce wants to create a space for home decor and dining that’s comfortable, with items tailored to your home and your style.

We spoke with Co-owners Erica Lewis and Nick Giancola about their love for home decor, their style and the innovative approach they’ve introduced at the new Boardman Spruce location.

Nick: Spruce is a home decor and gift store. We specialize in home accessories, furniture pieces, we also have housewares for kitchen and those other types of areas in your home. We try to make it an all encompassing store for home decor and gifts. Our love for home decor and interior design really came from our mom. She would always be doing projects around the house, wanting to change things up, and we always did projects with her around the house and then later we would kind of take on our own projects.

Erica: So basically during the holidays we would get to make these magnificent scenes and decorate all over and she would take us to all these different shops and we’d go and we’d kind of get inspired ourselves. And then over the years we would start traveling to different cities and our favorite parts of each city always had a cool store. So our goal was for people walk in and say, “oh my gosh I don’t even feel like I’m at home. I don’t really feel like I’m in Niles now, I don’t even feel like I’m in Boardman.” So we tried to bring that back here as if they were somewhere else, a special place.

Nick: The Spruce style is really a style about comfort, being casual but with a tailored look. So we really want our brand to be something that’s accessible for people. Every space in somebody’s home should be usable, it should be inviting, it should feel warm and it really should reflect you as the homeowner.

Erica: Spruce Boardman is a unique experience because it intermingles dining and shopping and we thought that would be unique to the Valley. Bergen and Morgan have been friends of ours for a long time, they’re a mother daughter team, we’re a brother sister team, and we just get it.

Nick: So when you come into Spruce you’re going to not only see our store but right inside you’re going to be able to sit down at a cafe or grab a cup of coffee and have a great donut from the OH Donut Company, much like you would in your home. You want people to come over, you want to pour a cup of coffee, sit around a table and sit and talk and just be. And people are able to do that here.

To learn more about their Niles location, click here: Spruce Home Decor