Meet Biker Brewhouse! The first and only bar in the country located inside of a Harley-Davidson dealership. Owned by Brewmaster Larry Wilson, Biker Brewhouse is a microbrewery that brews amazing craft beer and offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that you can only get in Austintown. Their wide selection of beer is paired with a wonderful staff that is eager to help you find a beer you’ll love out of their great line-up on tap.

Biker Brewhouse has a range of options from blondes, like the Ball Bearing Blonde, to Ales, like the Motor Head Maple, to Porters, like the Leather & Lace, to IPAs, like the IronHop; They also have some great fruit-infused beers, like their blueberry-infused Blue Balls and Revved Up Raspberry! We got to try the Ball Bearing Blonde and can say that it gives any domestic beer a run for its money.

That’s the thing with Biker Brewhouse, they provide beer that is accessible to any willing drinker. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Busch, Budweiser or have a craft favorite of your own, Biker Brewhouse will have something that you’ll be able to fall in love with. The brewhouse excels in showing people that craft beer doesn’t have to taste a certain way.

If you think, “they’re inside of a Harley Dealership, so this must be a biker bar and I would feel weird going because I’m not a biker,” you can throw those worries aside. Biker Brewhouse has a varied customer base and offers the opportunity to show you how kind and accepting bikers can be! This is not your stereotypical biker bar or craft brewery, it’s a unique environment that is welcoming to everyone.

Whether you’re a die-hard Harley-Davidson fan, a craft beer aficionado, or just curious to check out a unique biker bar, Biker Brewhouse is a destination you will not regret seeing. For more information visit and remember to “Drink Local. Ride Responsible.”

Article by Isaac Hraga

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