Check out Birdfish Brewing Company’s second location in Downtown Columbiana! The “Down Low” houses their new production facility and features a wider selection of beers on tap, more space for bigger groups and arcade-style games to keep you entertained.

Co-owner Josh Dunn had this to say about Birdfish and their new Down Low facility:

We love the fact that our space and our beer brings people together. It’s a really good feeling. I think there’s also something going on in our area right now, people want to support local beer. So they’re trying something new even if they haven’t tried it before, not even knowing it’s good, just knowing it’s local.

We are a regional craft brewery and “Down Low” is our seven barrel production facility. About 50 percent of the beer brewed at this location goes out for distribution, mainly in the greater Youngstown area. We also have a tap room that has a little bit of a different atmosphere. We have pinball games, more beers on tap, bigger tables for larger groups. We just want it to be an enjoyable experience.

We really try to work with the community. The people that we work with support us, they come in and drink our beer, so in return we want to support them. We didn’t think we were ever going to be as big as we are right now and still, our goal is not to be the biggest, it’s not to be the best, it’s to enjoy life and let people enjoy our beer.

We’re just four local guys trying to do something cool for the community and something fun for ourselves.

Learn more about Birdfish’s other location here: Birdfish Brewing Company

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