Stone Age Gamer in Salem, Ohio keeps classic video games relevant and is working to bring them to new generations. They offer everything video game related from Atari to Xbox.

We spoke to Andy Harsh, one of the owners of Stone Age Gamer about their mission to keep classic video games alive:

“When I was a kid I did get to play a lot of games, but it really didn’t take off for me and click until the Nintendo came out. When I was 10 years old I saved up all my birthday money and bought one, and for me that was it. From that point on I was in love with Nintendo. To this day you pop in an old game that you played when you were a kid and that nostalgia really kicks in.”

“From that point on I was in love with Nintendo”

“Pretty much anything gaming related is our thing. We really focus on the retro but we do pretty much anything. If it’s gaming related, we’ll take it.”

“For me it always comes back to the original Nintendo that I grew up playing. When I first got into [game collecting], it was more of a, ‘I want to play my old games,’ let’s just find a few things here and there. Once you get to that point, it kind of takes over.”

“If you’ve never experienced the old video games, we really specialize in that. Even if you’re not much of a gamer, come down and check us out because we’ve got plenty of things to do. Everything we have here is free to play. We like customers to come in and have a good time when they’re here, so even if you’re not a big gamer we really love for people to just come in and play around with all the toys that we have here.”

Stone Age Gamer is located at 378 East State Street in Salem, Ohio.

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