Charm House Decor is a shop in Salem specializing in hand painted furniture, home decor, DIY supplies and classes. They love taking discarded pieces that others don’t want and breathing new life into them.

We just loved finding broken, outdated junk that people literally just threw away and we liked being able to fix it, paint it, make it new,” said store owner Brittany O’Malley-Fraser.

One of the things O’Malley-Fraser says she likes most about running the store is interacting with her customers. “I like being able to be approachable. I love when people come into the shop with pictures and want to show me what they did or how they used our products to fix their house and make it how they want it.”

Shopping locally would just be easier in my opinion because I’ll make it exactly how you want it,” O’Malley-Fraser said. “If you have certain dimensions, or if you have certain colors you want, you don’t necessarily get that when you go into other stores like a big box store. We do a lot of custom pieces for people’s houses to fit their own style.”

Charm House Decor is located at 485 Easr State Street in Salem, Ohio.

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