Park Avenue Marketplace is a home for artists and antique dealers to sell their products, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s a reflection of the community and a gathering place for people to come and explore the talents of others.

“Columbiana has been home to myself and my husband for our entire life,” explains co-owner Ginny Perkins. “My mother was the first antique dealer here in Columbiana, so Main Street means a lot to us. This hit the heart, this is what Columbiana needed. It’s what we needed. That’s why Park Avenue was born.”

The owners, Dave and Ginny Perkins and Larry and Vicki Deidrich, feel that their store echoes the culture and environment of downtown Columbiana.

“We felt that Columbiana needed this,” says Larry. “So we got together and found an 8,000 square foot building and quickly converted it, found ourselves 60 different vendors in town, and boom here we are.”

“Park Avenue marketplace is a wonderful place for people to explore the gifts of other people and just wander and find amazing things. It’s a home for a lot of artists an antique dealers,” Ginny says.

“One of the things that we hear from customers when they come in Park Avenue Marketplace is how nicely it’s laid out,” Larry asserts when describing the reaction to his store. “How clean it is. It’s not compromised by a lot of products in a small area and gives the customers a comfortable feeling.”

“This area isn’t dying. This area is full of life and Park Avenue reflects that life,” Ginny explains. “We want to be part of that experience. We want to share that experience with all the local businesses here in Columbiana.”

Park Avenue Marketplace is located at 14 East Park Avenue in Columbiana, Ohio.

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