High Octane Coffee is not your typical coffee shop. They’re introducing artisan coffee to a whole new demographic of race car driving, hot rod owning people who want a coffee shop that matches their lifestyle.

We spoke to Joe Sylvester, owner of High Octane Coffee Company, about what makes his shop stand out from the rest:

“High Octane Coffee is everything you would think that it would be with a name like High Octane Coffee, and a guy that holds a world record for jumping a monster truck the longest distance in the entire world. It’s loud, it’s exciting, it’s brash.”

“It’s loud, it’s exciting, it’s brash”

“Coming from monster trucks and racing cars, coffee played a big role in that. Once I discovered small batch, craft coffee there was no turning back from that. There was no more diners, or gas stations, or anything like that. It had to be small batch coffee, but I said, ‘you know what? The only thing I liked about these places was the coffee.’ Let’s face it, you look at me, I don’t fit in there. I’ve got scars, grease under my fingernails, tattoos, I drive a lifted truck. So let me create something for people looking for something different. People looking for something more upbeat, something that does for them exactly what coffee and caffeine does. It boosts you up! So why not have a coffee shop that does the same thing?”

“We’re trying to find our own little niche in the coffee shop world, in the artisan coffee market. I’m trying to introduce artisan coffee to a totally different culture, and a different demographic that would normally never stepped foot inside of a coffee shop. Guys who drive hot rods, motorcycles, people the race. And that’s really a lot of the people that have supported the brand and have really embraced what we’re doing here with High Octane. We’ve come a long way in a short two years.”

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