Meet Salem Twin Cinema! Owned by Salem natives Geoff and Kim Goll, Salem Twin Cinema is a locally-owned independent movie theater. They offer a high-quality movie-going experience and provide a sense of comfort that would otherwise be impossible without a strong local connection. Staffed by people who love movies and want to prove that going to the movie theater is better than waiting for it on Netflix, this theater is the place to go for the next movie that catches your eye.

Salem Twin Cinema puts comfort and experience at the forefront. The theaters are filled with top of the line chairs that feel wonderful to sit in, recliners so you can take in the whole screen, and a “4D Experience Row” if you really want to be “in the movie.” This “4D Experience Row” is hooked up to the subwoofer system so when there are explosions going off in the movie or the soundtrack is pumping you will feel it. This really helps you get immersed in the movie and honestly what more could you ask for when going to the theater?

Salem Twin Cinema takes pride in its connection to the local community. The pre-movie show only shows local, relevant advertisements and they really want to make you feel a sense of community while trying to cater their business for you. The staff get to know their regulars, provide a welcoming experience and really try to get a feel for how to best serve Salem. The community is the primary driver of how movies are selected for the theater as they make an effort to find the movies that will resonate most with Salem and the surrounding area.

Salem Twin Cinema is one of the area’s greatest hidden gems and one of the only theaters in the area to offer such a great movie-going experience. If you’ve never been there or haven’t seen a movie in the theater for a while, Salem Twin Cinema should be your first option next time you go out. If you’d like more information or show listings and times, visit

Article by Isaac Hraga

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