Meet Yanni Custom Furniture and Upholstery! Owned by husband and wife Yanni and Irene Kefalianos, Yanni Custom Furniture and Upholstery offers unique and built-from-scratch pieces ranging from tables and couches to drapes and blinds. The wide selection of possibilities, paired with a loving and caring staff, makes furnishing any location an easy and enjoyable experience.

They offer an array of interesting imported pieces in their showroom but the real selling point is the master builder: Yanni. He has incredible skill in his craft and loves figuring out exactly what you want, building it from scratch and making sure all of the details match perfectly with what you want for your space. “Any ideas for your dream house, we can make it here,” says Yanni proudly. He realizes that to make anything beautiful you have to put love first and that is exactly what he does with every piece he works on. Seriously, the work he does is incredible. Yanni also creates custom drapes, blinds, upholsters old furniture, and is able to do pretty much any furniture creation you could ever need. During the interview he said he would love the chance to completely furnish a whole house and we cannot wait to see how amazing it will look.

The love that Yanni puts into his work extends to all parts of the store. He and Irene enjoy building relationships with their clients and meeting new people, as they believe it’s a key factor to really being able to connect with customers. Having that close connection allows them to figure out what you want instead of just selling you what they have to offer. They also adore seeing a customer’s happy face when they are truly satisfied with a purchase, so make sure to let them know if you enjoy their store!

If you are just starting to look at furniture and would like some ideas, their showroom is a great place to go. They display imported furniture and decor, as well as pieces crafted in-house from a variety of styles that could make great additions to your space. Their showroom might even get you thinking about all of the possibilities that Yanni can handcraft for you. You may even end up with a unique piece of furniture that has never been made before!

Yanni Custom Furniture and Upholstery is here to share Yanni’s extraordinary crafting abilities with the Mahoning Valley and we strongly encourage you to check it out. If you would like more information, visit

Article by Isaac Hraga

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